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All trademarks used within these pages are recognised and the content of all pages are believed to be accurate, true and fair. If there are any errors on these pages, they will be corrected immediately.

The copyright of the content of these pages belongs to John Perry, the creator of them.

Permitted downloading

Permission is granted for the downloading and temporary storage of any of these pages onto local storage media for personal use only.

Third parties

These pages may be downloaded and supplied to a third party provided:

  • The page is for their personal use only
  • The distributor acknowledges that John Perry is the creator on the distributed page.
  • The third party is made aware of the conditions on this page.

Forbidden usage

These pages may not be downloaded for the following purposes:

  • Any kind of commercial use.
  • Permanent copying and storage.
  • Copying or selective copying and redistribution in any form.
  • Modification and redistribution in any form.


  • My CV and family tree may only be downloaded and reviewed by authorised individuals accessing the web pages. These pages are userid/password protected and any "hacking attempts" will be reported to your ISP/employer for follow up and action. They may not be redistributed in any form to any person without permission.
  • No persons working for or on behalf of the following organisations may access, cause to access, download or cause to download any of these pages for either personal, or corporate or commercial use.

    - Virgin Media
    - Dibb Lupton Alsop
    - HBOS plc and all subsidiaries

If anyone in these organisations is found to have accessed these pages, a fee of £20 will be payable for each page accessed and a request will be made to the legal department of the appropriate organisation requesting that they comply with the requirements of this page.

Log files showing web pages accessed by all individuals are regularly reviewed to allow enforcement of this exception. Exceptions to this policy as documented on this url: will be considered by

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